How to add a Job Code

How to add/create a Job Code

Workshop Software allows you to distinguish between stock and labour items when entering your stock inventory so that you can enter labour lines on to an invoice, these labour lines can then have mechanic times clocked against them.

1. Too add a new Job Code click on Products from the menu options down the left hand side of the screen and then click on the blue + icon at the far right of the blue bar;

2. Enter the details of the Job Code;

  • Item Code is the only required field
  • In order for to distinguish the product as a Job Code/Labour Line change the Type to Labour
  • Select Yes for Service to automatically update next service date in Vehicle details (for further information please refer to guide named How Do I Update the Next Service Date?)
  • Select Yes for Don't Upd. Qty so that the quantity is not updated, as this is not a physical stock item there is no item to keep track of

Once all the relevant details have been entered, click Save;