Repco NavigatorPro Integration – How do I setup Workshop Software with Repco NavigatorPro?

Repco NavigatorPro Integration – How do I setup Workshop Software with Repco NavigatorPro?

Before you start – Obtaining your Repco details:

Please make sure you have your Repco account and login information.

You will require:

  •          Site Code
  •          Account Number
  •          Account Suffix (this will always be ‘0001’)
  •          Repco Navigator Pro Username and Password

You can get your Repco account information from Repco Navigator Pro as follows:

Go to the top left-hand corner of your Repco Navigator Pro, you can obtain the following:

‘Account Number’ = is the first 7 digits of the number

‘Account Suffix’ = 0001 is the Account Suffix

You can obtain your Site Code by clicking on ‘Admin’ in the top right-hand corner, then selecting ‘Site Settings’.

Integrating with Workshop Software:

1.         Using the menu on the left-hand side of Workshop Software, click ‘Integrations’ and the 'Automotive Integrations'.

2.         In the additional menu list that appears, please select ‘Repco’.

NB: If you have not already setup Repco as a supplier, please do so now, following the link ‘here’ or follow the steps below.

3.         You will be asked if you want to ‘Activate Repco’. Please select the green ‘Activate Repco’ button to continue.

4.         You will also be asked if you are sure you want to ‘Purchase’ Repco. This is correct, please select ‘Yes’.

NB: Please note you are not actually purchasing anything. This is just a confirmation that you wish to proceed with the integration.

5.         Enter Repco account information and click ‘Save’.

6.         Open or create a job in Workshop software.

7.         Scroll down to parts and select the ‘Repco’ icon.

8.         The browser will take you to the Repco NavigatorPro site login page.

9.         Input the Repco NavigatorPro login details and click ‘login’.

10.       You will be required to activate the computer. This now links the Repco NavigatorPro to this workstation. Click ‘Activate’.

NB: You will only be required to carry out this process once.

11.       You are now linked with Repco Navigator Pro.

12.       Close the Repco NavigatorPro browser tab.

13.       Open Workshop Software in a new browser tab (make sure you have closed the existing Repco NavigatorPro browser tab or Workshop Software will not reopen).

NB: Should you wish to use Repco NavigatorPro on another workstation, please repeat steps 9 & 10 on the alternate workstation. Please note, this will ‘deactivate’ the original machine with Repco NavigatorPro.