Workshop Reports - Sales Reports

How to Run a Sales Report

A Sales Report will give you a list of invoices processed in a date range and show you;

  • Invoice number
  • Date
  • Type - invoice or credit
  • Customer
  • Rego
  • Vehicle make & model
  • GST component of the invoice
  • Total of the invoice
  • Cost of the items on the invoice
  • Profit

1. To run the report, click on Reports from the menu options on the left hand side and then click on Business Reports;

2. Click on the down arrow icon to the far right of the blue Workshop Reports menu to expand the menu;

3. Enter the date range you want the report to cover and click on the green printer icon to generate the report in a new tab, from there it can be printed off. You can also sort the report by customer, Post date, Rego Number & Invoice, just click "Sort by".