How to Apply a Deposit to a Customer Invoice

How to Apply a Deposit to a Customer Invoice

A deposit can be added to an open invoice at any stage prior to it being finalised.

1. To add details of a deposit taken click on the green '+' icon below Balance Due and selecting Add Deposit from the drop down menu;

2. Enter the details of the deposit;

  • Date received, will default to today's date
  • Reference
  • Payment type
  • Amount

Once the details have been entered click on the green Add button to add the details of the deposit to the invoice.

3. Click the green Save button at the bottom of the page to save the deposit to the invoice.  You are able to edit or delete the deposit by clicking on the rubbish bin (delete) or pencil (edit) icon next to the deposit;

4. Multiple deposits can be added to the one invoice;

5. Details of deposits will not show under customer payments and will not go through to Xero or MYOB until the invoice has been finalised/processed.  To keep track of deposits taken a report has been created that shows all open invoices with deposits against them and the details of those deposits.  Please see the guide titled 'Customer Reports - Customer Open Deposits' for information on how to run the report.