How to do a Stocktake

How to do a Stocktake

Workshop Software has a simple, easy to use stocktake feature that allows you to stocktake all of your inventory of just a select group of products.

1. Click on Stock Take from the list of menu options down the left hand side of the screen;

2. If you are wanting to stocktake all of your inventory the click on the blue printer icon in the top right of the screen to print off count sheets;

3. Enter the correct/new quantity of the product into the Count field on the sheet as you walk around the workshop doing the stocktake;

4. Enter the new quantity for any products where the quantity has changed into the Count field in Workshop Software.  You can save the Stocktake as you go by clicking on the green Save Draft button at the bottom of the page.  When you have completed the stocktake, click on the green Process icon at the bottom of the page and it will then finalise and update quantities to match those you have entered from your count;

5. If you only want to stocktake a particular product type then you are able to do so, select the product type you want to stocktake from the dropdown box at the top of the page and then proceed as above;