Fixing Data Ready For Importing

Customer Spreadsheet

Customer/Company Name

- Splitting up the First Name and Last Name -

- Merge Company Names back together -

For the merging, you will need to sort by name on each column, starting at the last column, and moving back to the 3rd column. Once at the 2nd column, these are your first name and last name, and must remain split.

Customer Type.

Once you have the values in the first name, last name and Company Name columns, sort by company name

C = Company

I = Individual

Put a C in the first row with a company name in it. Drag this field until the last company name

Do the same for I where there are only first and last names

Spitting up the address

This is only required if the Suburb, State and Postcode are in the same column as the address

Split the address up -

Merge the address back together without the suburb, state and postcode -

The columns left over, rename them to the respective names "suburb, state, and postcode. The merged field, name "Address".

Phone Numbers

Phone numbers, and any number with a zero on the front, will remove the zero. Please follow this guide as the last step:

Vehicles Spreadsheet

Update the names of the Body types using this list: If there is NO body type, or the body type isn't on this list, use the word SEDAN

Update the Transmission Types using this list: If there is NO transmission type, or the type isn't on the list, use the word N/A.

Product Spreadsheet