How to Use a Barcode Scanner

How to Use a Barcode Scanner in Workshop Software

You can use a barcode scanner to scan parts on to invoices in Workshop Software.

When entering a product into Workshop Software there are three fields that are searchable and therefore can be used to add a product to an invoice, they are Item Code, Description and Searchable Tag.  Searchable Tag does not show on a job card, invoice or stock order so is the best option as the field to hold the barcode details.

1. To add a barcode to a product search for and bring up the product details, click into the Searchable Tag field and using your barcode scanner. Scan the barcode on the product and then click Save to add the barcode as a Searchable Tag;

2. To add the product to an booking, job card/invoice, stock order or supplier invoice simply click into the Product field and scan the barcode and then select the product to add it;