MYOB - My MYOB account won't register

Issue: You have tried to authorise your MYOB with Workshop Software. However, it has advised you that your login details are incorrect.


There are a few things you need to confirm first before continuing:

1) Are you using AccountRight?

- MYOB Essentials, as of 26/7/2016 is NOT compatible with Workshop Software. The only version that is compatible is AccountRight.

2) Is your AccountRight version the Online Version?

- All of your Accounting data is placed on a Company File when using AccountRight. This company file has to be ONLINE. To be able to move your file online, please follow this guide.

3) When you log into AccountRight, are you asked for TWO(2) forms of identification?

There are 2 places that you will be asked for identification. The first is on the AccountRight screen, as seen below:

The other request comes up as soon as you select the Company File. This is your administrator password. By Default, this is blank. However, if it is changed, you will also need to know what this is. It looks like the below:

If this box does NOT come up, then follow the following steps:

1) Go to setup - User Access

2) Untick the box next to "This user will sign on with my.MYOB account"

3) Enter a password in the allocated boxes and take note of this password.

4) Have you entered the correct details, and in the correct screen?

- Your my.MYOB account details go in this screen:

- Your Administrator username and password go into this screen:

If you are still getting an error when trying to login, please contact our support at, and advise the support of your situation, and that you have already followed this guide.