Transmission Category List

Below are the list of Transmission Types in the Workshop Software System. When Importing, you need to make sure that you put the code (AUTO) in the CSV file column,  NOT the name of the transmission type

Automatic Trasmission

AUTO         Automatic Transmission
AUTO3       Automatic Transmission, 3-speed

AUTO4       Automatic Transmission, 4-speed

AUTO5       Automatic Transmission, 5-speed

AUTO6       Automatic Transmission, 6-speed

Manual Transmission

MANUAL       Manual Transmission

MANUAL4     Manual Transmission, 4-speed

MANUAL5     Manual Transmission, 5-speed

MANUAL6     Manual Transmission, 6-speed

Direct Shift

DSG         DSG

DSG7        DSG 7 Speed
DSG8        DSG 8 Speed

Sequential Manual

SMG          SMG

SMG5        SMG 5 Speed
SMG6        SMG 6 Speed
SMG7        SMG 7 Speed


STRON          S Tronic
SENSO          Sensodrive
OPTAUTO     Manual-/optional automatic transmission
SELES          Selespeed
N/A               Not Applicable
CVT             CVT