How to Add a New User

1.       Click on ‘Settings’ from the list of options down the left hand side of the screen to expand the settings menu, then select ‘User Setup/Maint.;

2.       Click on the blue ‘+’ button at the far right of the light blue Users bar;

3.       Enter the details of the new user;

  •          Group – select from Admin, Manager, Owner or User (Required)
  •          Status – select from Active, Inactive or Blocked
  •          First Name (Required)
  •          Last Name (Required)
  •          Email (Required - see note)
  •          Dashboard Privileges - choose to limit or allow user full access for viewing dashboard
  •          Password & Confirm password (Required)
  •          Save

NOTE: The subscription fee will be charged on a pro-rata basis. For example, if you are halfway through your subscription period, you will be charged half the rate for the current subscription. 

The email address does not have to be a valid email address. If in the instance you only have one email address, but would like two users, you can use a "dummy" email address. For example, you can use email addresses like this:,, even though they are not "real" email addresses. You will, however, lose the ability to re-set the password as this sends an email message. Note that it is preferred that you use a valid email address, a dummy email address should only be used in exceptional circumstances.