Add Extra Bookings To the Current Job

The purpose of this article is to show you how to extend the date of a current job to further booking dates. This is very useful for situations where you have already started a job on a vehicle, but the booking needs to be extended to a future date.

1) Open up the first instance of the customer booking in the booking diary.

2) In the Booking section, click on the star icon (green), next to the product.

3) Click "Enter Mechanic Times".

4) Enter in the mechanic, the estimated hours the booking still needs to be completed, and the date and time of the new booking.

5) Click "create".

This will now change the original booking to Split 1 (number of times the job was previously booked) to Split # (# being the amount of times the job has now booked - including the booking you just added to the system).

To view the date the second booking has been scheduled for, click on the booking (above) and select the sprocket icon (green) again.

PLEASE NOTE: This means you don't need to create a new invoice. You can just use the invoice that was created when the job was started.