Tyro - Connecting (Pairing) To Your Tyro POS

This feature is YET TO BE RELEASED. It will be available in December 2018!

The purpose of this article is to show you how to register your Tyro POS with Workshop Software.

NOTE: This integration requires you to have an account with Tyro. It also requires you to have the Tyro EFTPOS machine, which you can get from Tyro at http://www.tyro.com.au

A. Get the integration details (MID and TID) from your EFTPOS machine

1) Press "Menu"

2) Select "Configuration" (press 5)

3) Enter your passcode for the EFTPOS machine and then the green ok button

4) Go to "Integrated EFTPOS" (press 1 on the key pad)

5) Go to "Pair with POS" (press 2 on Keypad)

6) Note down the MID and TID on the screen

B. Enter these details in Workshop Software

1) Go to Integrations - Tyro

2) Press "Activate"

3) Press "Yes" to confirm the activation

4) Enter the following details:

  • Terminal Name: Can be anything you like. Something to represent the name of the machine. For example: where is the machine situated?
  • Tyro Merchant ID: MID from part A
  • Tyro Terminal ID: TID from Part A

5) Press "Pair EFTPOS"

You will get the following box:

C. Register and Complete

1) Go to the Pair With POS screen (in Step A5) on the EFTPOS Machine

2) Select "start"

A message should come up advising you that the EFTPOS machine has been paired, and the machine details will be listed on the Tyro settings screen.

3) Press OK on the message box to complete

NOTE: If this doesn't work, it has timed out. Follow these steps:

1) Click cancel on the message on the screen

2) Click on Pair EFTPOS again

3) Press "Retry" on the EFTPOS machine. It will connect after this.

To learn how to use this integration, follow the below links:

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How to pay for an invoice:  https://help.workshopsoftware.com/article/498-tyro-paying-for-an-invoice

How to refund a credit:  https://help.workshopsoftware.com/article/499-tyro-refunding-credit

How to disconnect the EFTPOS pairing:  https://help.workshopsoftware.com/article/500-tyro-disconnecting-your-tyro-pos-from-workshop-software

Set a default machine for a user/login:  https://help.workshopsoftware.com/article/502-tyro-choose-a-default-eftpos-machine-for-a-user

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