Tyro - Paying For An Invoice

This feature is YET TO BE RELEASED. It will be available in December 2018!

The purpose of this article is to show you how to pay for an invoice in Workshop Software using the Tyro POS.

NOTE: This integration requires you to have an account with Tyro. It also requires you to have the Tyro EFTPOS machine, which you can get from Tyro at http://www.tyro.com.au

Before you can continue, you need to have completed the following:

Connecting/Pairing your Tyro EFTPOS machine: https://help.workshopsoftware.com/article/497-tyro-connecting-to-your-tyro-pos

Connecting your EFTPOS machine to a payment type: https://help.workshopsoftware.com/article/501-tyro-connecting-your-eftpos-to-a-payment-type

1) Create an invoice. (If you are unable to do this, please follow this guide: https://help.workshopsoftware.com/article/25-how-to-do-a-customer-invoice). 

2) Change the ACCOUNT TYPE to "Cash" Please Note: The invoice be a cash invoice for this guide. If the invoice is processed as an ACCOUNT, please follow this guide instead:

Please follow the rest of the create an invoice guide above, including adding a line to the invoice. I have added a line called "Labour" for this example.

3) Press "Process"

The cash payment box should come up, as per the normal cash invoice process

4) Select a payment type which you have set to connect to the EFTPOS machine. 

5) Enter the amount you want to send to this machine. It will only send the amount registered for EFTPOS. For Example: If you put in Cash for $100 and Credit Card for $100, and Credit Card is set for EFTPOS, then the machine will receive $100.

6) Select the EFTPOS machine you would like to use

6) Press "Process"

You will now receive prompts for each stage of the EFTPOS process. You will also notice that the payment has gone through to the machine.

7) Process payment on the machine

8) Press "yes" or "no" to print a customer receipt

That's it! The payment box should close and the invoice should complete into a closed status.

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