Why Is My Invoice Not Syncing? - MYOB

The Key to finding out why your invoice isn't syncing is to check the Event Log.

Checking the Event Log:

1) Go to Reports - Business Reports - Log Reports - Event Report

This will show you a log of all the errors for your invoices. This would be the FIRST thing I would do if your invoices are not showing up. In the case of this article, you will find the following error:

The key parts you need to be looking for are the following:

1) The invoice number in the top right hand corner:

This defines which invoice the error is talking about. If you are looking for a specific invoice, you will find it here

2) The error message:

This error message will let you know what the issue is

3) The Reason For the Error:

The highlighted areas in the screenshot above are where you will find this specific information. For guides on the specific errors, please go to the Articles below:

"InsufficientItemQuantity" - Insufficient item quantity to complete transaction

Customers In MYOB won't sync to Workshop Software

UnitPrice must be a positive number

IncomeAccountFreight Linked Account is required if charging freight

Maximum allowed characters for CompanyName is 50

Access Denied

Field Not Found

If there is no article for the error, please call 1300 729658 or email support@workshopsoftware.com.au