How to Print a Job Card

How to Print a Job Card

If you are using Workshop Software on a PC, Mac or laptop you will want to print off job cards for each car as it is worked on but if you are running a paperless workshop and using a tablet then you do not need to actually print the job card off.  This guide will show you both options;

1.       Click on ‘Job Centre’ from the list of options on the left hand side of the screen;

2.       To print a job card for an existing job, double click on the customer details;

3.       Add any information or notes that you want to mechanic to see into the Job Card Notes section at the bottom right of the page, notes entered here will only appear on a job card, they will not print on an invoice;

4.       Once you've saved any job notes, click on the blue icon next to ‘Star’ icon on the right hand side of the page and select ‘Print Job Card’ from the drop down menu;

5.       The job card will then open in a new tab for you to view and then print, the mechanic can add any notes by hand, these can then be entered into the invoice if need be.

6. If you are using Workshop Software on a tablet such as an iPad there is no need to print the job card out, you can view the job and add to it straight from the job centre;