How to set up Automatic Reminders

Workshop Software allows you to send rego, service or WOF reminders by email or SMS.

1.       Click on Settings from the menu options down the left hand side and then Reminders;

2.       Click on the button underneath Automatically Send Reminders to turn reminders on;

3.       Enter the number of days before the renewal date that you want the reminder to be sent.  Please note that the date is set in the vehicle details section – Rego Due Date for rego reminders, WOF Due Date for WOF reminders and Next Service for service reminders.;

4.       Turn on the message you would like to send; service, registration or in New Zealand WOF;

5.       Enter the message you wish to send, following the instructions to insert the customer’s rego and next service date.

6.       Once you have entered you messages click on the green Save button at the bottom right of the page.


If you are intending to send reminders by SMS you will need to purchase them first.  If you are paying your subscription by Capricorn you will need to contact Workshop Software on 1300 729 658 or (09) 280 3334 for NZ customer to register a credit card.

1.       To purchase SMS’s click on your company name at the top of the page and select Profile from the drop down menu;

2.       Click on the blue Buy SMS button at the bottom of the page and follow the prompts.  This is also where you can see how many SMS’s you have left available;


A customers preferred method of contact is set in the customer details settings;