How to Assign a Mechanic to a Booking

How to Assign a Mechanic to a Booking

A booking can be created without assigning it to a mechanic and a mechanic can then be assigned or added at a later date.

1. Create your booking using the + in the top right hand corner:

2. Select a customer and vehicle:

3. For the booking to appear in the booking diary it NEEDS to have a 'Labour line'. Select labour and any other products you will need for the booking. You do not have to add them all now, you will still be able to add them within both the job and invoice.

4. Click on the Green Star, and select 'Enter Mechanic Times' to assign the booking to a mechanic.

5. Add all the necessary information - hours, mechanic, time and date to assign the booking to a mechanic in the diary. You will need to have set up your mechanics in the 'mechanics' tab on the left hand side to assign the job.

6. Now if you view the booking diary for the date you have selected. You will see that the mechanic now has the job in a colour coded bubble. 

7. Now you will be able to view the mechanics jobs and times for each job by clicking on the day in the booking diary.